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Get to know the price of your Wedding Cake

Calculating the price of a wedding cake is no simple task. A lot of different elements come into play, especially for fully bespoke cakes.

We can estimate a starting price

However when taking into account the main factors that make up a cake’s price: the size, the type of finish (I work with Fondant), the general design idea (if you love wafer paper, ruffles, whether you love bold or light colours, monochrome cakes or a more varied colour palette, etc.), and lastly the delivery fee (calculated on time and distance).


We created this quick tool to allow you to calculate in a few seconds a first estimate for your dream cake.


How does it work? Pick a size and decor options that you believe to best match your overall cake design idea (colours, added decorations, etc… If none of the options match your vision, leave it at “Simple White Fondant” for now), enter the distance between your venue and my kitchen (based in Shirehampton, BS11), and voilà.


Please note that this is a price estimation. By getting in touch we will work together to create a bespoke design for which you will be provided an accurate quotation.

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